Basics of Finance for Software Engineers — Init

Anurag Jain
2 min readAug 24, 2021


In June 2013, I joined a company as Software Engineer. I started paying the loan from my salary and start spending on various things like purchasing mobile etc.

On December 2013, received a mail from HR regarding “Declaration on the investment, Rent slips etc”. I had no clue what to do.

In India, Every engineering student focuses PCM and later in the college they mostly spend their time on learning coding, enjoying with friend, reading for placement, very few of student focus on creating start-up and very-very few student focus on investment. When they start earning money they have no clue on Income tax, salary structure and they end up loosing money instead of gaining. Tell me one thing why you were studying so much, mostly for money right? and you are end up losing money?

After spending 6 years in this industry, I was able to pay off all loan but my bank balance is 😆.

Later in this year, I started working towards wealth building, but that time I didn’t have any clue how to generate wealth. I wanted to retire as early as possible so I can work on whatever things I like. But I didn’t have any clue how can I retire. I didn’t know about financial independence.

I started reading more about generating the wealth, watching youtube videos to understand more about finance.

I am sure there are so many finance illiterate intelligent people (like me 🤣) exist in this world. So I thought of writing about whatever I am learning. It will be easy to understand as everything will be in very basic terminology. Let me share examples of what type of topics I may cover eg.

  • Understanding your Salary Structure.
  • Understanding terms Form16, ITR, 80c and How can you save Taxes?
  • Learning about ESOPs?
  • Creating investing framework which will help you in creating wealth but with less time.
  • Stock Market, Mutual funds, Economics, Smallcases.
  • When and why should you leave your current company?
  • What are things you should consider in your next Job?
  • What are things you should consider in terms of Financial in your next Job?


Disclaimer — Please note I am newbie in financial learning. All the information I will share is just for the educational purposes and all information I share may not be 100% right. Please don’t start following me blindly, do your Due diligence.